Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Here, at Modess, we want you to be happy with your Customer Experience, and be pleased with the goods you purchase. These are our conditions of sale and you should read them carefully as they apply to your order. You should review your order and accept those terms and conditions of sale before proceeding with the order.

The supplier of the goods under your order is Modess UK Ltd, whose registered office is at 315 Finchley Road, West Hampstead, London, NW3 6EH. All communications must be made to sales@modess.co.uk, by calling 02031120112, via Chat on https://modess-furniture.myshopify.com/ , or by post to Modess, 315 Finchley Road, EN9 1FL

When you receive the order confirmation by email, the contract will be formed.

If you want to change your order you must contact us immediately as any changes may delay the delivery.

If you order the same goods under two or more orders, we cannot guarantee that the goods supplied will be from the same batch and be an exact colour match.



The price of the goods and any applicable delivery charges are set up in the order confirmation.

We will send you the goods after the balance is paid in full. (Finance options available over £250)




  • Make sure the furniture fits through the door / stairs / lifts / hallways

  • Make sure the furniture fits in your place (check which side of the corner sofa you need – is it right or left-side corner?)

  • Please kindly check the dimensions of internal and external access point. Check dimensions against your desired furniture to ensure access is possible. Measurements of upholstered furniture might vary +/- 3%

  • If you have any doubts or questions, please contact us via email or chatbox.

  • You should ensure that the items on the order screen are correct and meet your exact requirements (ex. colour, size, side in corner sofa)

  • Please be aware, that the colours on the website might look different than in the real due to different screen settings

  • Please ensure your shipping address and contact number is correct, as we take no responsibility for undelivered orders due to incorrect addresses or contact numbers



All our products comes with the warranty, which covers

The guarantee does not covered:

  • When the furniture / fabric / leather is dirty

  • The finding of damage caused by improper use of the furniture in accordance with their intended purpose

  • The damage caused by animals

  • Furniture flooding with water or other liquids

  • The finding of inadequate performance of cleaning and maintenance procedures cover upholstered, during which it has been damaged the protective surface of the fabric or leather

  • In case of lack of performing cleaning and maintenance procedures leather, at least 4 times a year measures recommended by the manufacturer

  • The manufacturer is not responsible for the discolouration of upholstery fabric, which are the result of the migration of dyes from clothing in contact with the fabric

  • Deformation of the foam part of the contribution arising from the use of the furniture

  • Natural fabrics wrinkles caused during normal use, and the resulting properties of the fabric and the properties of the foam cartridge



Furniture should be used for their intended purpose and methods of use. Avoid getting into the armrests, standing on their seats, backs or individual strips of spring, do not jump.
Furniture should be used in dry, enclosed and protected from adverse weather conditions and direct sunlight. Typical furniture climatic conditions of use are the relative humidity 30-70%, the temperature of 15 to 25 ºC.
Do not place the furniture too close to a radiator or other heat sources. The minimum distance from the heat source is 1 m.
Wooden furniture components must be protected from scratches etc. In products of two or more seats and sets evenly use set (not just one seat) to avoid differences in the appearance of the entire set during use.


Upholstery materials: leather, fabric, synthetic leather should be kept clean. Do not allow to heavily soil upholstery fabric. Proper maintenance and care maintain the usability and aesthetic piece of furniture for a long time.
Before cleaning the furniture should be vacuumed: upholstered surfaces and matt surfaces vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. Vacuuming gloss surfaces with a soft, dry cloth.
Remove stains as soon as they arise.

Do not apply cleaners directly on the stain, but clean with a white cloth or sponge.
By rubbing while cleaning can damage the surface of upholstery fabric. Therefore, the surface should be carefully cleaned gently using a circular motion. After cleaning, lead to a dry surface. Furniture cannot be operated until it is completely dry.

Before performing any maintenance, perform the test in an inconspicuous area. In the case of irregularities, change the cleaning and preservative agent to another.
The leather should be cleaned and maintained regularly, from 2 to 4 times a year, depending on the intensity of use of the product.
As with any warranty or protection, in offering this service we assume proper care of your furniture by reference to your care instructions, normal use in a domestic environment and no abuse from pets, children or any other source.